Compose Your Own Creative Arabic Calligraphy Digital Designs With These Vector Sheets...
How It Works:
1,000+ Letters, Characters, and Ornaments!
With simply dragging and dropping modules together, you can create stellar calligraphy compositions digitally, ultimately, having the ability to design:
  •  Freelance Projects
  •  Wall Decals
  •  CNC Laser Cut Artwork
  •  Apparel customization
What Others Have to Say...
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What exactly do I need this for?

In addition to producing flawless calligraphic designs in a given script for freelancing and commissioned work, many calligraphy students use them to put together their favourite verses and phrases digitally in their own creative ways before using those designs as guidelines to practice their hand-scripting.

2. Is this a software?

No, these are vector files that open with popular vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. This means the product works on both Mac and PC.

3. Can I sell artwork created using these vector sheets?

Yes, once you purchase the product, you get commercial license to use the vectors for whatever purpose you choose.

4. How is this different than simply using fonts?

Though numerous Arabic calligraphy fonts exist, not only are they limited in their number of alternatives for each letter position, but the results also look "typed" and not "designed". These vector sheets offer many variations for any given letter position which truly allows you to design your calligraphy artwork your way.
Sample Projects Created Using Vector Sheets:
Full pack also includes a 4 part video series to help you get started with using these vector sheets
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