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Diwani Mastery Program
The complete, proven step-by-step online program to master the Diwani script in 7 weeks. 

The program will teach you individual letters, pair tables, how to write sentences, and compose complex Jali Diwani artwork.
Master the Qalam
A virtual 7-week calligraphy program that will transform you from an absolute beginner into an expert calligraphy artist specializing in the Thuluth script.

This is a course that offers the flexibility of an online course, and at the same time, follows the structure of a semestered in-class course.
Creative Calligrapher
This is Omar Uddin's flagship program which is a complete A-Z guide to creating, digitizing, scaling, and selling your artwork. Some of the highlights of this program are:
  • Learning to create large format masterpieces
  • Complete freelancing guide for beginners
  • Opening an online shop
  •  Selling scalable products such as prints and apparel 
  •  Designing and publishing a colouring or activity book on Amazon
  •  How to use Facebook ads to sell your art on auto-pilot
Become an Arabic Calligraphy Artist from Scratch
This is a beginner's "crash course" to learn the basics of Naskh, Thuluth, and Diwani scripts from absolute scratch in 8 weeks.

This is Omar Uddin's first online Arabic calligraphy course which was published in 2014. This is same course currently available on Udemy which has close to 5,000 students worldwide.
Digital Composition Vector Files
The Ultimate Art Freelancing Accessory to Design Calligraphy Artwork in Minutes... With Little Prior Experience...

1,000+ Letters, Characters, and Ornaments!

With simply dragging and dropping modules together, you can create stellar calligraphy compositions digitally, ultimately, having the ability to design:
  • Freelance Projects
  • Wall Decals
  • CNC Laser Cut Artwork
  •  Apparel Customization
Thuluth Mastery eBook
The Complete 200 Page Guidebook to Scripting the Thuluth Script from absolute scratch. Based on the Mesk of Master Calligrapher Sevki Efendi.

“THULUTH” is a game changing instructional book that aims to teach the art of Arabic Calligraphy in a truly comprehensive and step-wise method. The book looks to synergize traditional techniques of learning the art that have survived the test of time with contemporary learning methods that have proven to develop skills faster than ever. The result is a book that is not only an ultimate road map for absolute beginners but also a timeless guide for experienced calligraphers.
Learn to Write Arabic Calligraphy eBook
This 160 page book is a beginner’s guide to learning Arabic calligraphy. It covers the basics of Naskh, Thuluth, Diwani, Riq'a, and Farsi Scripts.

Apart from the many pages of pure content on the scripting art, the book covers several intangible issues and roadblocks faced by starters and provides ways of overcoming them. Recommended practice routines and tips on staying determined are highlighted to provide help to the beginner.

The book begins its journey by reviewing the astounding roots and evolution of the Arabic script and how the scripts in use today emerged over time. Using a staggered approach, the book begins from the absolute basics - the inidivdual letters. The book does not end at instructions on scripting paired letters and full words, but actually leads students into creating full-blown masterpieces.
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